Thursday, October 1, 2009


Are there days when you just do not know what to wear?

Our Lord has some ideas. He tells us in no uncertain terms what to put on:

                      and most of all,
                                                        which binds us
                                                                  all together
                                                                              in harmony

Some days my clothes don't fit.  It is back to diet and exercise. If the clothes God suggests for you and me today are a bad fit, pulling at the wrong places, then it is time to check our spiritual diet and exercise program.  Where can I cut the spiritual fat and when can I get off the couch..and potatoes?

Only with prayer, listening and asking, meditating on His word, can I get the better fit...for my finer clothes, duds that He has so lovingly laundered, coordinated,  and laid out for us each morning.

  Thanks, Your Majesty
                   for the divine  help
                                 in picking out our clothes,
                                                 for in all Your dressing and fuss,  
                                                                            You are  truly successing us !

OK. so this was an outright sermonette.  oops...Preaching happens!....inspired by devotional emailed to me from HIGH CALLING