Thursday, December 17, 2009

Things are looking up...


While you are waiting for a rescue
  Trust God, no matter what!

I would love to expound on the final letter of the acronym, HOST:

H for humility
O for obedience
S for surrender
T for trust

But in this case, a simple picture is worth the thousand words it may take to explain the unique opportunities  we mortals are given to exercise trust,.. when things heat up around us.

I do have one question: where was Sara when Isaac was getting ready to burn in his britches???  Was it too contrary to any mother's instincts for her to witness this mutilation?  Yet a few years or centuries later, a much younger Jewish mother was asked to do the same...and she said ok.  With that yes, she said no to Hell's grip, freeing her Son to  Cross us  over to Heaven. She loved our God with her will, not only with the sentiment of  a mother bonded to her child -in a human way, but in a tough love, real love - bigger than this life - way.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

God called us maggots. Rude!!!!!

In today's  readings, we are called maggots by our own Father-his very own lovable maggots- but worms nevertheless!

As maggots, we are full of fear, and rightly so.  We feed on the world's trash, so we are always vulnerable to death by poison. We could be stomped out instanly by toxic spray, or smashed by any force stronger than ourselves. Indeed, we are at the mercy of our Father, who created us, who owns us, who, believe it or not, finds us most precious in our smallness, our weakness and rotting state. Whatever we are, we are His.

He invites us in our wormliness to join Him at table, treating us like the most honored guests at the banquet of Life.  He says in today's readings, that although John the Baptist is the greatest one born of woman, he, in his purely human state, is nowhere as great as those who are in the kingdom of Heaven.  And who are those who are invited to this kingdom.  It is the least of us, the maggots of creation.Who are those inhabitants of heaven -  the saints, no less.

However we must start our ascent by changing our natural diet. We must begin to fast the common food of this culture and start to eat from the Host, the Heavenly Host who invites us to feed on Him, His Body and Blood. His Word.

He invites us change our environment, to get out of the garbage and to eat with others who are already feeding on the Host.  We need to be in good company, in fellowship, to stay in shape for the fasting and the new diet.

Together,we are invited to supernatural food, the kind that prepares us for the bread that Jesus himself fed on while he was on earth. He reminds us that he has Bread that we know not of.  That is the bread that will make us great in the Kingdom on Heaven.  This is the bread that will advance us. He is that bread.

I guess the insult was worth getting our attention..and pointing to the truth about our present state. We are what we are, vulnerable creatures, not one of us born of woman exempt from the spiritual battle that could end in death. 

Fear not, the angel says, because he knows that as worms, we may live in fear.  As humans, our bodies, our minds, our emotions are constantly offered an invitation to fear. Even and maybe especially saints have experience deep fears.  It is only sensible to have some fear. Life as we know it is a scary place. We dodge bullets while we feast..every day.  The angel are asking something that seems so unreasonable of us.

Actually the angel, speaking for God, is acknowledging that we as humans will have fear in that things alarm us on a regular bases. We anticipate troubles. We fly, we fight. The human condition. Yet he says in plain Hebrew, do not fear! Instead what the angel asks is that  we would not remain in fear, making decisions out of fear, compromising our truth, our love, our mission because of fear. Fear is probable, but love is possible..and commanded. We are not to be dominated by natural fear, but by supernatural love.

Choking in smoke right now, without help I would remain breathing the fumes of fear.  I could be buried under its stinking heap, or I could follow the peephole of light leading me out of this darkness.   The further I allow myself to get down into the muck of fearfilled thinking, the mustier my soul gets and the blinder the eyes of my heart.  I must pull up on the rope of rescuing prayers woven with the love of God's helpers, the company of saints, the help of Christians, All Y'all.

Thanks for the oxygen. The smoke is clearing. I am getting some air,  thanks to all that life-saving love and prayer.