Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I have written about the pinpricks of  martydom, daily living, but a few days ago, I experienced 
more..than a prick. It was a deep gash, a life changing one.  Not to be overdramatic, but was a situation beyond everyday drama - even trauma. 

I need urgent heartfelt prayers from any readers. I cannot give details, I rarely do, but I am trusting anyone that has read any of my posts for kind prayers of hope. 

God has promised a victory, but in the battlefield, there are some very scary moments.  This is one of them.

                                      Jacob's Ladder

At times of trouble
When, in-my-face, is hellish rubble

There is a place I know, beyond defeat
Where I must go to touch His feet

The full and radiant beauty there
Cannot compare

To the hollow, smoking glow
That hovers over a darkened soul

In this place, I beg for light
Til suddenly, a spark...Saving Flame, ignite!

Brandishing from high His fiery claim:
This child is mine. For him, I came!

Soldier of Love, I trust your Name.