Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I have written about the pinpricks of  martydom, daily living, but a few days ago, I experienced 
more..than a prick. It was a deep gash, a life changing one.  Not to be overdramatic, but was a situation beyond everyday drama - even trauma. 

I need urgent heartfelt prayers from any readers. I cannot give details, I rarely do, but I am trusting anyone that has read any of my posts for kind prayers of hope. 

God has promised a victory, but in the battlefield, there are some very scary moments.  This is one of them.

                                      Jacob's Ladder

At times of trouble
When, in-my-face, is hellish rubble

There is a place I know, beyond defeat
Where I must go to touch His feet

The full and radiant beauty there
Cannot compare

To the hollow, smoking glow
That hovers over a darkened soul

In this place, I beg for light
Til suddenly, a spark...Saving Flame, ignite!

Brandishing from high His fiery claim:
This child is mine. For him, I came!

Soldier of Love, I trust your Name.


Alexis said...

We love you so much, are praying intensely and claiming the Lord's victory. You're not alone.

Nicole said...

Aren't we so blessed, that we have such an AWESOME God we can turn to? I don't even know how people get by life's ups and downs- let alone catastrophes- without Him. The battle belongs to the Lord....we are praying.
Love, The Dewigs