Saturday, March 13, 2010


      This is my mind on quack

The power of an image. The chicken that follows a duck and walks like a duck image is still fueling my imagination. It has been very helpful to me as a reminder of what I am learning in recovery with the help of Nar-anon, a 12 step group to support family members dealing with drug addiction.

How it helps is that when I am stuck in this cycle, my life becomes so unbalanced, with every ounce of energy focused on the disaster of the circumstances, the hopelessness and feelings of powerless and need to control to avoid further anxiety and crises, that I lose myself to the problem. I become a part of the disease.

Once a somewhat healthy chicken, I contract a disease, the dis-ease of walking with duck feet. This unbalanced way of walking is caused by a mental- emotional disease; it is duck thinking, out of balance worry and control thoughts and behaviors that a chick takes on during such an ongoing crises, changes her makeup. Her natural God-given walk changes.

Now whenever wrong thinking and old habits come to my mind and emotions, I have to recover myself and walk the other way, the balanced way, the how-God- created-His-chicks-to-walk way, the healthy way.

I have been resisting sharing some of my recent learning here because I did not want to turn this into a blog about recovery, 12 steps, etc. But that is where I am being lead these days, so there may be something in it for you too...if you are following along.

More about my recovering my mind in the next post. Stay tuned!