Sunday, May 23, 2010

Unravished Bride, cont'd.


At the end, emerges a woman peering through an lush orchard of golden bowls, fruits of paradise. 

I think I chose an Asian or Eurasian woman's face because of my own background, having grown up in Hongkong among Macanese families, but even more so, because  something in the blank expression of this exotic face, suggests unfelt emotions.  

She looks entranced and melancholy, as if she grieves a lost lover.  I thought about entitling this piece, Unravished Bride, reminiscent of Eve losing paradise. 

I also thought about the bride in Song of Solomon the moment she realized  she had hesitated too long and missed her lover, chosing to doze while he knocked gently on her bedroom door. She was not fully awake; she heard him but she was, well, kinda tired.  

From that night on, she would spend every waking moment seeking him, through  hill and valley, in every face she saw.

I thought about my own missed opportunities and how often I procrastinate when open to Him, to others, to myself.

I hope you keep company with me as I try to  stay awake, listening for that still, small knock at the door of a brand new year, starting this Mother's Day 2010. 

Happy New Year to all mothers who are looking for a creative place to alight, and how to fight off the frenzy and boredom of every day and every night. If we start with prayer, He will get us there.