Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tickles from Heaven

For several weeks now, I have been praying for my beloved daughter, a 54 day novena, 6 sets of  9 days of rosaries. which I am just now in the middle of. The last three rosaries, unlike the first three, were no longer in petition for Mary's help, but in thanksgiving for her help, whether we saw results yet or not. 

Last night, we were taken by surprise and rushed to Dominican Hospital last  after my daughter was admitted in with an extremely high fever, in excruciating cramping pain As I brushed by the lobby, I happened to glance to the right. On the wall, I noticed an artist's rendering in watercolor of two medieval faces.  It was done in a contemporary style so it caught my attention.  On a closer look, I was amazed at the names of these two portraits. 

They were the faces of  St Catherine of Sienna, side by side with St. Dominic! (Only after you've  read the June 9th post, entitled The 54th Day, will you know what this meant to me at that very moment.)

After several long hours of writhing cramps and high fever, she was successfully treated, and by this morning, she was well..and on her way home.  

In addition to her healing, we were given the blessing of seeing the tender love she was receiving from her closest friend. We had a chance to spend many hours together awaiting results of her treatment. We really got to get to know him better and grew in our love and respect for him as her partner. In all, these seemingly adverse circumstance knitted us together in our love for her.

Occasionally God tickles our souls with surprises,  coincidences that make us smile from the inside out..proving  that the foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of men.  I love when that happens!!

But He not just fun and games, although He seems to enjoy teasing us with surprises, He was taking care of business by letting me know in no uncertain terms that my prayers were working and to keep praying, while He, with the help of Mary and Sts. Catherine and Dominic were turning things around, churning up even bigger answers that I could you will see in the surprising events ahead!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


                       from my portfolio

             the 54- day Rosary Novena

    The "54-day Rosary Novena" is an uninterrupted series of   Rosaries in honor of Our Lady, revealed to the incurably sick Fortuna Agrelli by Our Lady of Pompeii at Naples in 1884. For thirteen months Fortuna Agrelli had endured dreadful sufferings and torturous cramps; she had been given up by the most celebrated physicians. 

On February 16, 1884, the afflicted girl and her relatives commenced a novena of Rosaries. The Queen of the Holy Rosary favoured her with an apparition on March 3rd. Mary, sitting upon a high throne, surrounded by luminous figures, held the divine Child on her lap, and in her hand a Rosary. The Virgin Mother and the holy Infant were clad in gold-embroidered garments. They were accompanied by St. Dominic and St. Catherine of Siena.

 The throne was profusely decorated with flowers; the beauty of Our Lady was marvellous. Blessed Virgin said: "Child, thou has invoked me by various titles and hast always obtained favours from me. Now, since thou hast called me by that title so pleasing to me, 'Queen of the Holy Rosary,' I can no longer refuse the favour thou dost petition; for this name is most precious and dear to me. Make three novenas, and thou shalt obtain all."

Once more the Queen of the Holy Rosary appeared to her and said, "
 Whoever desires to obtain favours from me should make three novenas of the prayers of the Rosary, and three novenas in thanksgiving."

The Novena consists of five decades of the Rosary each day for twenty-seven days in petition; then immediately five decades each day for twenty-seven days in thanksgiving, whether or not the request has been granted. The meditations vary from day to day. 

On the first day meditate on the Joyful Mysteries; on the second day the Sorrowful Mysteries; on the third day the Glorious Mysteries; on the fourth day meditate again on the Joyful Mysteries; and so on throughout the fifty-four days.

note:  this is the second time i have done this novena since January and by the middle of the first part, my son whom I was praying so desperately for, asked for help. By the time I finished the 54 days, he was well into his recovery...and that is no coincidence; more to come about the power of this prayer in my life.

Have no doubt that what God does for me, He wants to do the same for you!!!