Saturday, October 31, 2009


Does God have moods?
Do we wonder, when He doesn't respond to our wake up call, has He had his coffee yet?

No. He does not have moods. Moodiness  is our thing. Moods are not necessarily a good thing, therefore not a God thing. But are we not made in the image of God?  We have within us the seeds of God, in the potential of maturing into His unchanging eternal qualities, but unlike Him as we are in our ever changing human qualities.  Our feelings are up and down, our moods swing with them, for some more than others.  A girlfriend breaks up with a guy, he is in a horrible, depressed, anxious, angry mood. He decides to drink the night away. He decides not to love again.  He gets news of a bonus at work, some fresh cash; he is suddenly in a better mood, hopeful and energetic again.  He decides to get out and have some fun, maybe meet a new girl. He sees her out with someone else, maybe a friend. He is angered, gets in a fight. He gets thown in jail. He is in an even worse mood.  She comes to bail him out. He is in a great mood. We lose something, we are down; we gain something, we are up..the human condition, always changing our minds. Our moods effect how we see ourselves, our energy level, how we treat others.  God help us in all our many circumstances.. and the moods that go with them.

No. God does not have moods.  He is not swayed by circumstances. He only has one mood..the mood of love.  He never changes his decisions, regardless of our circumstances.  He has decided to love us. no matter what.  We can change our minds about Him, not be in the mood for prayer, not in the mood love Him, or our neighbor. Perhaps we are in the mood to slap our neighbor, to resent God, to even spit in his face by our actions.  Still, His mood remains the same. He is loving. His circumstance remains the same: He is for us. Because our circumstances bring us to despair, to lose faith, to openly reject Him. He still wants us every bit as much as ever.  His decision remains the same: we are precious and He will do anything to chase us home to Him. He wants us with Him, whatever our circumstance, our mood today or any day.

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