Saturday, July 4, 2009


Am I dreaming??? Look at me.. I am Goldilocks savoring tastes at the Three Bears’ family table, sipping from each of their sacred bowls, sitting crosslegged on their empty chairs.. …It's so quiet here, …somehow I sense that I am not alone, but at home with real family….shalooooooooooooooooommmmm.. 

  That first day, all I did was listen Brother Lawrence on my iphone. Every word was bread and wine to my happy soul.. I attended Mass at little country parish on Monday morning. My closest friend who lived nearby joined me in the afternoon. Together, we listened to his words and delighted in what the Holy Spirit was doing in both of our hearts and minds.

As she left for home, I thought it seemed like I should go home too, yet I felt a tug to stay, that the Spirit had some more to say.. I decided at the last moment stay another night. Here is why.. Later that afternoon after a massage, I was given special instructions about changing my daily schedule, and how to change my habit of anxious thinking. I needed to write down a wrap up of what I had learned from my time alone with God. I had four pages of notes. 

 The next morning, I arose early and met my prayer partner at the Carmelite Chapel on the way to Big Sur. The Mass spoke to both of us again about abiding in the Presence, as if the Holy Spirit was speaking in one voice, through Brother Lawrence and now through the priest at Mass. Obviously,He was sticking to His theme, exhorting us to practice moment by moment living with this unbroken sense of His Living Presence. 

 On returning to my room, we had a late breakfast on the small garden patio, setting the table with napkins and a red rose. In this session, we talked about the “directions” I had been given, reviewing in detail what notes I had written. We pledged that I would stick with this new path and that my friend would hold me to it. I felt supported. 

 Then we shared about the mysteries of the Rosary from the book, The Rosary and Inner Healing. It was obvious Mary was calling us to her side with this book. The mysteries became alive in a rich and relevant way. We had an appetite for the Rosary and could not wait to start a contemplative prayer time with the mysteries. 

This was what the Holy Spirt and Mary had on my agenda, thus nudging me to stay this extra day. Now I knew it was time to go. I was ready and felt peaceful and strong. I packed my bags for soon I would be home,..unpacking.

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