Friday, July 24, 2009

ONE MOTHER'S DAY AT A TIME, 4 weeks later

do i look tired to you???
The funk remains.. The weather has been cooperating with my mood, yuck and grey. I have been overeating before dinner, not wanting a real dinner, and not feeling as well as when I am eating fish and veggies. I am kind of or really disgusted with my body and how my brain feels too, waking up each night with dread and dreadful dreams and oversleeping. On Thurs morning I awoke before four am., did a bunch of housework, and some prayer, and nodded off again around 7. then I slept for a couple of hours and haven’t felt right since that. The yuck feeling was compounded by losing a night sleep on Sat night when the babies and my sister slept over and we tried doing it all together. Mistake. Sunday was a waste altogether. Since then I have also felt spacey from oversleeping in the morning and sometimes naptime. It seem almost impossible to shake off the sleepiness and weird dreams that result from prozac. I make an effort to see docs for heart check..and mental meds reluctantly. I know exercise would boost me but am so lazy and full of excuses. I feel empty……………………………………… to stare into the ABYSS with me? Regards, the Grinch ,
after i visited a new doc, I switched back to the brand name Prozac and away from the generic named Teva. This took away the spaciness, some of the sleepiness and depression. It may be that other generic brands may work for others, but this is what worked for me.

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