Wednesday, March 31, 2010



As you know, I have been struggling with a parent's nightmare recently. Today I sensed something  on reading a piece on the 12 Steps, Step 7 to be specific, an article entitled Removing Arrogance. 

Reading about arrogance, I was getting a sure sense that having this challenge  happen in my life has become God's opportunity  to help me along my path to being fully human,  allowing myself to be exposed to the truth about my wrong thinking and wrong doing, freeing me to be at peace with myself and others- someday.  In other words, it just may be my chance to burn off some real time in ..Purgatory!

I am not who I thought I was...Mrs. Perfect..I don't know better than others. My life does not have more credence than others. It is easy to think this when comparing myself to others whom I put on a pedestal and admire, but really hard to do when comparing myself to those I cannot stand or think are really arrogant, stupid, immoral, uncharming, dull, irreverent, unholy, just plain crass or annoying, or in any way, do not meet my humble..standards!

May Raphael hover
With woolly wings
Like a tender mother
Over my soul's
Unattended things

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