Tuesday, March 2, 2010


                    Woof!Woof! I'm a doggy!

Why not? Actually, even God calls himself  a chick, well, a hen, a mother hen to be exact.  No. I am not being sacriligeous. His own son Jesus referred to himself as a hen that spread its wings over its brood of chicks.

I read a great line from bestseller The Help today.in reference to a neglected and wandering toddler who followed the housekeeper everywhere she went, including a black only bathroom. Taboo! The help said of the child, who was receiving more signs of love from her than from the little one's preocuppied young mother, she like a baby chick who follow a duck, who think she a duck

It reminded me of how crucial and natural,(super- natural really), it is for us human chicks to follow and cluck for our mother hen. And who does Jesus himself say this big warm superchicken is: it's Him, our Mama -Jesus. 

No, I am not a goddess worshipping new age pseudo-feminist. It is just science meets theology. We follow what we need, what we hunger for, what we smell like. We cluck for love..in all the possible places..or persons. Chickens show us how to do this, even chicks that are lost and seek any four legged feathered friend. The maid was black and quacked, unlike her mother who was white and clucked. But the little one's survival instinct told her to follow..the love.


O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones those sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, just as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you would not have it!
Luke 13:34

Now that's some simply divine bonding. An offer no smart chick would refuse and yet we do ..often.  It worked out well for the toddler in the novel, but what about for us? Day after day we lose our way, bonding with strangers who become so familiar,  and seem so natural to us, and they are just that -natural.

What our real Mother Jesus offers us is a bonding to the super natural. We are spirit and are born to become what we bond with, born to bond with our spiritual parent, This parent is likened to a mother hen who loves and broods over us, inspite of our lostness, our mistakes, and our rejection.

So that we little human chickies make no mistake whose our Daddy, our Father became a chicken too so He could look like us, walk like us, even reek of barnyard smells-just so we would recognize Him.  

If we just look for Him all around and within us, nuzzling close and breathing in  His unique scent, and do this daily by  listening for His voice in the Word, touching Him, in those who most need us, and tasting Him in the Eucharist and through the sacraments, or simply by following Him around every moment of every day, clucking  every chattering thought from our heart to His, as brother Lawrence did, we will bask in his motherly presence and be bonded. ...and blessed.

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