Monday, May 17, 2010


             Longing     mixed media 48"x68"

A while back, in a post entitled, How Is Your Soul Balance?, I wrote about an exercise I did in a counseling session that revealed to me exactly how out of balance my life had become.  One of the areas I am working on is to restore the creative flow in my life, in my soul.

Since that exercise, having committed to giving my creativity a greater priority in my life, I am in the process of getting a website together to market my work.  Although I have continued doing pastel portraits on consignment, I have neglected my more inspired painting for several years. I am gearing up to start again.  

I am revisiting a few paintings I had completed in the past and in doing so, I hope to carve a path within myself and a place in my home (my mother is still living peacefully in my studio) to start working consistently again.

The above painting is one of a series that helped me get through some very difficult times. Focusing on color, line, texture, and wonderful paint, and the stuff of painting and design, really saved me by giving a worrier like me, a focus on whatever is pure, beautiful, true, and admirable...

Stay tuned!

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