Friday, August 28, 2009

Patron of Nagging Mothers

God bottles every tear a mother sheds in prayer for her children Saint Monica Feast Day – August 27 This holy woman seems to have spent her life crying, coping, and praying. She was married to a hot-tempered pagan husband, Patricius. They had a child, Aurelius Augustinus, born in the North African town of Tagaste, a village in the present day Algeria, near the border of Tunisia. Monica prayed for Patricius to be converted to Christianity. And later in life, he did convert. Although a brilliant student, Augustinus led a life of sin, pride and sensuality. He studied law, dropped it to take up writing and was involved in a cult. Monica, ever patient prayed hard to save her son, who eventually converted. He was baptized Augustine. Although he started his life in sin he repented and spent the rest of his life preaching and writing about God. Augustine late became the Bishop of Hippo. Monica dies shortly after Augustine converted, having fulfilled through prayers the vision the Augustine will be saved. Such is the dedication of a mother.
Never never, never give up praying!!!

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