Friday, August 28, 2009

Psalm to Saint Monica

                  praying together..St. Monica and me

Like you,
Have I birthed my own Augustine,
full of life
and lust
and love...disordered?
Like you,
would I
abandon ground
and take to sea

to follow a son
adrift from me?
Like you
I am wrenched
with sweat
with tears
with prayers, for years

weeping upon weeping
courting despair.

Now crying to you
to intercede through
the waste and rubble
of my augustine's trouble
Unlike you,

who sits so much closer than I
to his Majesty on High
Would you beg me a favor
of a word from our Saviour
Regarding my reply
Ask from our Father

Who knows all my fears
Ask from our Jesus
Who sees all my tears

Ask from our Holy Spirit
Who know when my hope
all but disappears

To My Son,
Far from your mother's side
You run and hide,
Our close connection seems to have died,
My love stalking you
through darkened steps,
ambushed by Satan's pride
and wordly reason. Angels breaking down fences
and entering in,
a holy treason. Now
I am at the devil's door, knocking fiercely
hearing your fears, bottling your tears .
I hold you tight
in my embrace,
Your fight is done

beloved son,
relax, it's won, and over
You are with Me, now
Your Father, Mother, Brother
your everlasting Lover!


Nicole said...

Oh my heavens. After just reading that, I am wiping my tears, clutching my heart, and feel so full of love and compassion for you. THANK YOU for being so open and willing to share your heart. I am so honored to witness such beauty. What an amazing mother you are- truly, you are an inspiration.

unpackingthePresence said...

hi nicole

thanks for your encouraging comment.
You are one of the few commenters I have. It really helps me to know that is someone out there who cannot share the .... with.
love u


unpackingthePresence said...

ooops, nicole, i meant It really helps to know that there is someone out there whom I can share this tough stuff with.

love again