Saturday, July 24, 2010


In my last post, I alluded to some of the turnabout events that may occur during the novena by comparing them to the unattractive wrapping that may be our first sight of the gift of God's answer, with the real goods hidden inside to be revealed in full later.

I was cautioning others not to be discouraged because when God works, things sometimes have to be stirred up and look like they are getting worse before they get better. This is the point of temptation to give up praying. 

Instead we must press on just as the friend who comes to the neighbor's door at night, insisting on waking the household because he has a dire need of bread.  Rather than rebuke him for his annoying and tenacious efforts to get his needs met, the Scriptures congratulate him when the door finally opens and bread is given.

Apparently, we are to keep knocking no matter how many times and how hopeless it seems when the first few NO's come back at us from the other side.

Right after I wrote my last post, my package arrived - a soiled and ugly wrapping, as if the box inside was full of dead fish, wafting with the familiar fumes of my stinking thinking: "Oh no, there can't be anything good in that package. Were my prayers  just wishful thinking?" I wanted to run the other way - down the dark ol' rabbit hole.

The circumstances  in answer to my prayer for my son's relationship and communication with his father had taken a nasty and angry turn, with my son blaming his father for his lost years and impossible future.  This was causing major havoc in my heart and much confusion as to how to handle the escalating friction between them.

My thoughts went quickly to that image of   greasy wrapping paper, the kind that a butcher may wrap fish in, and fish that I may have inadvertently left in my shopping bag overnight!

As the hours progressed, every time I was    tempted to go down the dark hole, imagining the worse, I would see that nasty package once again. 

After a few more hits from the underworld, a picture of that soiled parcel would appear as if (?) on angel wings, to rescue my thoughts, re-routing them back to an image of the luminous gem, under wraps inside..scheduled for delivery from Heaven's Parcel Service.  HPS - handled by angels - with uttermost care.

Persistent prayer makes the wait of faith more transparent, bead by bead.

Pray with me, please, to continue waiting in trust, no matter what happens next!

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